laguna beach

Candid Thoughts on Taking Pictures

Last Friday, I decided on taking a break from procrastinating editing the thousands of pictures I have on my computer. When I say thousands I am not exaggerating. Sadly, I’m that kind of person that takes the pictues and never does anything with them. But I’m trying to change that about myself; hence, the three day picture editing marathon. Throughout the editing process, I’ve come to a few conclusions:

photo essay

I should take less picture.

Usually, I’m with people when I’m out and about taking pictures. If you know me, you also know that I’m not really any good at multitasking – which is not a bad thing, btw. I’m  concentrated in the conversations I’m having, which leads me to not really spending much time looking into my viewfinder and really taking my time to think of the composition of the picture I’m taking. This all leads me to believe that I should simply pause and think twice when taking a photo. It’ll make my time more efficient and both with the picture and the conversations I’m having.

I should take a few minutes and delete pictures straight from the camera before importing them on my computer.

This will cut down the time I spend trying to figure out which one of the many different waves look cooler – I really enjoy taking pictures of waves… you’ll notice that in a minute. Not just that, but if I do end up taking more pictures than needed, by doing this, even in the car on the drive home, or as soon as I get home, I might be able to cut down from hundreds of pictures to a few dozens. Which is much more manageable than what I have today.

I should be more efficient by copying the presets of the images I liked the edit.

I don’t have Lightroom at the moment, nor is it on my plan of buying it. When you are on a one-income family and that income is a graduate student stipend every penny counts. Luckily I can copy the preset on the photo editing app I’m using at the moment. That’ll also cut down my time editing pictures.

Not editing pictures makes me not want to take more pictures.

And that is a fact about myself – I don’t like to start project that I won’t finish. I have pictures still unedited from our trip to Calgary two years ago. That makes me so mad at myself, so I take no pictures at all, just a couple to post on Instagram – which will not represent half of what the trip or day was like. If I’m able to shorten the process, I’ll feel more encouraged to shoot new ones.

But first… I need to catch up the ones I currently have unedited on my computer.

So here are a few from this last batch of pictures that I finally was able to get them onto Flikr.

Balboa Island

corona del mar

corona del mar

laguna beach

laguna beach


laguna beach


crashing waves

crashing waves

blue II

Along the Horizon II

Orange and Blue III

Orange and Blue II

Hope you enjpyed them. As I continue to edit them, I’ll continue to share them with you.


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