Mindfulness Monday: Mindfulness and Curiosity

word of the day curiosity

One of my favorite things about living a more mindful lifestyle is being more curious about things. Exercising curiosity while meditating is a great tool to help keep focus in the moment. There is much more to being curious than just seen the world differently. Dr. Judson Brewer, from the University of Massachusetts, is finding in his research that being curious can help you with much more than your daily meditation.

The TED Talk bellow is him explaining how you can break bad habits from being more curious/mindful of them. Personally, I’m trying to break my own bad habit of overeating – which I have been cultivating for years. I’m keeping a log of when I notice that I’m in my bad cycle and trying to figure out what led to it and how I feel – physically and emotionally. Hopefully, this video encourages you as it has encouraged me.

What are you curious about?


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