Mindfulness Monday: New Beginnings

Coming from Brazil, the new year is much more than just a change in the calendar, as I’ve noticed here in the U.S. It’s a huge celebration of life met with an abundance of food and fireworks. For some, the new year is met with the marking of what life was the year before, for others it brings the idea of purging mistakes made or bad experiences lived. For many, it’s a much needed fresh start with all the possibilities the new year brings. It’s the idea of turning the page and starting with a clean slate. And it’s a lovely thought.

In my view, change and new beginnings should be celebrated. But sometimes these changes are left for the passage of the new year or the next month, next week and so forth. I feel sometimes that people love the idea of change but are afraid of it, so they keep putting off these new beginnings. I myself am found guilty of that. How many times have I eaten more than what I needed and then told myself, I’ll go back to my diet tomorrow? It turns out that behaviors like this completely sabotaged my goal of losing weight in 2017. And this is just one example that comes o mind.

What needs to be reminded is that every breath is a new beginning – a new chance to change. So set up goals for the next year and take advantage of the new calendar year to create new habits and start fresh – I know I am! They are all good reminders of where and who we want to be. Just don’t fall into the trap of I’ll start again next ___. I’m writing this mainly as a reminder to myself. Hopefully, you’ll be able to appreciate it too.

Happy New Year! May it be whatever you want it to be!


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