What I Learned in November

For those of you, who like me live in the United States, November is a month to be thankful. We shared meals with families and friends and took the time to appreciate them. Although we are very new to Orange County and that I don’t really get the cultural meaning of what Thanksgiving means, this November, Fabio and I shared not one, but three Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving meals. It showed us the hospitality of the people here, as well and Christian love towards us – not to mention three amazing meals.

what i learned in-6

For the last few weeks, I have been thinking about the things that I am grateful for, and I realized that most times I’m complaining about things instead of appreciating the good parts of life. It’s so easy to complain, isn’t it? But complaining about things doesn’t really help me with my mental health and my relationships. I learned that I need to change focus and look at the good things and be thankful for them, trying to avoid complaining about the obvious bad things in life. I’m incorporating this into my life with the help of my trusted bullet journal. I’m adding a note to my daily entries with something I’m thankful for. I’m also adding a code for thankfulness to my tracker so I can see the big picture and focus on the frequency I remember to be thankful. What I need to keep in mind, is that I’m trying to be more thankful, but I’m also trying to show kindness towards myself, by not judging when I notice that I’m complaining or nagging.

Would you like to know what I’m thankful for? Sounds cliche, but I’m extremely thankful for friends and family. This month I have received so much love in so many different ways form friends and family. I’ve received two completely unexpected gifts by mail from friends that I hadn’t seen in a while; the constant support and readiness from my friends when they saw I needed them; the unconditional love, patience, and support from my husband; the care that my parents give me even with them so far away; I could go on and on.

bullet journal

Life throws some hard balls every now and then that doesn’t make it easy for us to see the good stuff, so we got to be vigilant… let me rephrase: I have to be vigilant and look for goodness even when nothing seems to be there. Thank you for letting me share my lessons with you.


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