Mindfulness Monday: Are You Still Breathing?


Isn’t it interesting how we forget we are breathing most times?  I was going through some mindfulness meditation activities and the proposed question for the exercise was: Are you still breathing? That got me thinking: how often am I really aware of my breath? Personally, I think more often than others, since I use breathing techniques to help me with anxiety attacks; still, not often enough. I go through my days without even paying attention to one of the most essential functions my body does.

Being more conscious and curious about our breath makes us more mindful. Try to find an activity that you do on a regular basis, such as opening a door, or opening an app on your phone and while you do that, pay attention to one (or more) full breath. Be curious about it. Is it long or short? Is it shallow or deep? How does it make you feel? My activity is doing the dishes – the NEVER ENDING DISHES…!

If you haven’t stopped to think about your breath today, this quick 10-minute video proposes a short breathing meditation. Easy to follow if you’ve never tried something like this before, but also a good pause on your day.

Tchau for now,

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