Experimental Cat House

If you are a cat lover, or you know anything about cats, you’ve probably noticed their love for boxes. When we get a packaged by mail, our cats seem as excited as we, since they have a new place to hang out and do their thing. We have an empty shoe box in the bedroom for them to sleep in – that’s how important boxes are to our cats’ experience. So when we moved to SoCal, I started to look at the empty boxes and thought that maybe I could get a bit Experimental with them and make our lovely cats a castle made out of boxes.

So I developed a plan, and thought of all the materials that I would need to get this house cat house going. Do I need to say that they pretty much ignore it *face palm*. There’s not enough catnip in the world that would get the cats inside that house. I, personally, think it looks super cool but I don’t fit inside it. I did make a scratcher out of the leftover cardboard from the project, which ended up being quite successful. It’s the small victories that count, right?


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